Apply for a Postdoc position with Amii Fellow Russ Greiner

A project co-supervised by: Mark A. Lewis (University of Victoria), Hao Wang and Amii Fellow Russ Greiner (University of Alberta), and Pouria Ramazi (Brock University) is looking for a postdoc. The position will help develop tools that apply statistical analysis and machine learning to determine a characteristic structure within multiple early warning signals driven by a disease outbreak.

More specifically, the project will develop machine learning models to detect the structural signatures in coordinated surveillance data to accurately identify the presence of an outbreak. The team will then use statistical analyses and machine learning techniques to detect early warnings. Familiarity with differential equations, machine learning methods, programming and effective communication are key requirements for the position.

This position is part of the One Health Modelling Network for Emerging Infections.

  • Start date: March 2023
  • Term: One year
  • Contract Type: Full-time
  • Salary: $50K/year

How to Apply

To apply, send your cover letter, CV and the name/contact info for two references to to K Budinski at

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