Discussions & collaborations: the Pan-Canadian approach to COVID-19

Amii has joined forces with CIFAR, Mila and the Vector Institute to offer a coordinated national approach to the fight against COVID-19.

CIFAR, a Canadian-based global charitable organization that convenes extraordinary minds to address the most important questions facing science and humanity, has activated the anchor institutes of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy through a number of initiatives, task forces, and funding opportunities:

International Roundtables 

Cam Linke, Amii CEO, is participating in ongoing International Roundtables on AI and COVID-19 with a focus on data access and sharing. Reports from the discussions can be found at

Research Funding

Amii Fellows are actively applying for targeted CIFAR funding for AI and COVID-19 interdisciplinary research collaborations to support innovating, high-risk/high-reward ideas and projects. 

AI Against COVID-19

In addition, AI Against COVID-19 Canada is a special task force aiming to map and coordinate AI projects in Canada that can contribute to solve the COVID-19 outbreak and limit its impact on society.

The task force is led by a community of researchers from CIFAR, Mila, the Vector Institute, and Amii. This site is an information-sharing platform and its goal is to stimulate new collaborations and data sharing among the institutes and external collaborators.

For more information, visit

Read more about Amii’s commitments to the global fight against COVID-19.

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