Recommended Reading: AI Week Showcasing Alberta's AI Excellence

Edmonton will welcome leaders and emerging talent in artificial intelligence from around the world later in May for AI Week. This month’s edition of Disruption Magazine offers a sneak peek of what's in store during the four-day celebration of AI excellence in Alberta.

"AI Week is not just a celebration of 20 years of AI excellence — it's a launching point for the next 20 years of advancement," Amii CEO Cam Linke explains for the magazine's AI Week story.

The issue details some of the +20 events around the city from May 24 - 27th, including an academic symposium featuring some of the world's leading minds in machine learning. The week also features events opening to anyone to learn more about the work being done to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence, including panels and demonstrations.

The edition’s cover features two Amii Fellows and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs who will present keynotes at the event.

Martha White will open the conference by talking about some of the challenges that have made it difficult to implement machine learning into real world applications. Even with those hurdles, she believes reinforcement learning will soon be a powerful tool used to solve real-world problems. Much of her research has focused on these challenges, like making reinforcement learning models that can be trained on less data or making them more stable.

And the academic symposium will kick off with a public keynote from Alona Fyshe on how insights into the human brain are advancing machine learning. Recent advances in deep learning have led to a revolution in natural language processing – AI that can understand and use human language. However, there are still some situations where AI language models fall short. Part of Fyshe’s research is to use brain imaging to study how people process language and then take those insights to help AI models “speak” better.

Read Disruption Magazine to learn more about the keynote presenters and what else is happening at AI Week. Tickets are still available here.

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