Recommended Reading: UAlberta & Amii on Analytics Insight Top 10 Courses to Learn AI list

Amii is pleased to be included in the recent Analytics Insight article Top 10 Courses to Learn AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Analytics Insight is billed as the world’s first print and digital publication focused on AI, big data and analytics. It monitors developments, recognition, and achievements made by companies across the globe.

The University of Alberta and Amii Reinforcement Learning Specialization on Coursera is led by Amii Fellows and Canada CIFAR AI Chairs Martha White and Adam White (both Assistant Professors at UAlberta). The course appeared on the list alongside lauded educators and institutions such as MIT, Stanford University and

In a post launching the specialization, the course instructors had this to say:

“Reinforcement learning is the future of AI. More and more, it’s becoming a key tool for anyone wanting to improve control strategies and create autonomous decision-making systems. But you can’t just use it out of the box. By giving our learners an in-depth understanding of RL, we can help them more effectively use this powerful tool.” – Martha White

“We’re only beginning to explore the potential of reinforcement learning with applications like online content suggestion. Ultimately, our driverless cars, smart-home devices, and even industrial control systems need to make decisions, and reinforcement learning provides a natural framework for designing sequential decision-making systems and will undoubtedly only gain more influence in the future. There’s so much more we can do.” – Adam White

If you are looking to master the concepts of reinforcement learning, implement a complete RL solution and understand how to apply AI tools to solve real-world problems, check out the Reinforcement Learning Specialization on Coursera.

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