Recommended Reading: Roche Canada assembles An Army of Data

Earlier this year, Amii offered our expertise as part of the Roche Data Science Coalition (RDSC), a group of organizations committed to developing solutions to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launched in April 2020, members of the RDSC include Amii,, NVIDIA, RGAX, Self Care Catalysts / HealthStorylines, ThinkData Works Inc and the Vector Institute. RDSC assembled with a common mission and vision to bring actionable intelligence to patients, frontline healthcare providers, institutions, supply chains and government.

Roche Canada has released an article entitled “An Army of Data” on RDSC’s contributions to the fight against COVID-19. To date, RDSC has:

  • Developed over 100 digital solutions including AI models, virtual dashboards and market reports
  • Deepened relationships with Canadian and international stakeholders
  • Created a centralized repository which offers over 200 publicly available population datasets gathered from resources around the globe; this data provides the scientific and research community with a robust foundation for current and future COVID-19 research
  • Made digital self-assessment tools available that can be used by anyone suspected to have or has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Launched the UNCOVER Challenge on Kaggle, which asked the platform’s 4.3 million international participants to model solutions to key questions, based on a curated collection of datasets; the questions were developed and evaluated by a global frontline of healthcare providers, hospitals, suppliers and policymakers

We are proud to participate in this international interdisciplinary collaboration, with Amii scientists offering AI and machine learning expertise by sitting on the Coalition’s working group, as well as opening up office hours and idea-generating whiteboard sessions to other working group members looking to better understand how to incorporate AI into their solutions.

Read more about the impacts of this initiative in the Roche Canada article.

Read more about Amii’s commitments to the global fight against COVID-19.

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