Amii Announces Supply Chain AI West

The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute launches a program to empower startups to accelerate AI adoption related to supply chain management

November 18, 2020

EDMONTON, AB – The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) has launched applications for Supply Chain AI West, an eight-month accelerator focused on empowering startups and early-stage founders to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies toward creating AI-powered supply chains. The program, made possible through a $500,000 investment from SCALE AI, will support companies to upskill their teams as well as progress an AI project that has the potential to make meaningful improvements to operational efficiency, health and safety protocols, economic performance or a core product. Applications close on December 15, 2020; for more information, visit,

Supply Chain AI West is Amii’s first accelerator stream and is focused on creating the disciplined environment required for founders to establish an AI strategic direction and begin execution while bringing together a community of experts to provide advice and access to their extended networks.

Programming is designed to expose startups and early-stage founders to the opportunities available to create AI-powered supply chains, and includes:

  • Training: Access to facilitated and self-directed workshops and courses including ML Foundations 1 and 2, AI Planning and Initiating sessions, and a dedicated study group for online learning produced by Amii on the Coursera platform.
  • Coaching: Through dedicated time with an applied AI scientist, participants will gain insight into their specific challenges and opportunities related to AI adoption while working toward executing their first proof of concept ML model.
  • Demo Day: At the conclusion of the program, participants will showcase their work to members of the AI ecosystem including researchers, business leaders, funders and investors. In preparation for this opportunity, startups will receive investor relations mentorship with an AI lens.

Upon graduation from the program, companies will have the skills required to develop a first proof of concept machine learning (ML) model that addresses a specific business problem – and a strategic plan for further AI adoption. This proof of concept ML model is an important first step for startups to drive a culture of AI adoption and rapid ML prototyping. This AI mind-set and product roadmap has the potential to serve as a competitive differentiator in a globally competitive market.

“Startups play an important role in the adoption of novel technologies like AI in traditional industries. As a former tech founder, I know that startup teams have the drive, flexibility and motivation to solve big problems. With Supply Chain AI West, Amii is able to work with nimble startup teams to provide hands-on training and act as their coach as they build AI-powered supply chain products and solutions,” says Cam Linke, CEO of Amii.

“As Canada’s AI Supercluster, we believe that now is the time to take AI out of the lab and into the real world. The team at Amii has a track record of success in translating scientific excellence into industry adoption, and we’re thrilled to accelerate their work. The Supply Chain AI West program is an opportunity for early-stage tech companies to receive insight and support from a multidisciplinary team of scientists, educators and project managers dedicated to their success. I look forward to Demo Day and seeing these 10 startups’ technology in action,” says Julien Billot, CEO of SCALE AI

If Alberta wants to grow its economy for the future, it's important that we create ecosystems where technology and innovation startups in our province can thrive. The creation of this eight-month accelerator by Amii and SCALE AI means Alberta’s innovators will have hands-on access to critical training and coaching that will help them grow their startups into successful companies that create great jobs for Albertans,” says the Honourable Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation.

Supply Chain AI West is available to 10 ventures that share SCALE AI and Amii’s vision of positioning Canada as a global leader in AI and supply chain management.

To make up the cohort of 10 ventures, Amii is seeking seven startups. Additionally, up to three places will be considered for early-stage founders looking for a de-risked and supportive environment to begin their business through participation in a cohort-based program.

Companies will represent a variety of industry sectors and with different areas of focus across the end-to-end supply chain. Eligible companies must meet the following criteria:

  • A willingness to invest resources in their own internal AI capabilities
  • A focus on solving challenges in supply chain management through AI
  • Product or services launched within the past 36 months
  • Proof of customers and/or demonstrate a clear understanding of their product/market fit
  • Pre-seed, Seed or Series A funding
  • Generate annual revenue under $3M
  • Provide references that demonstrate their ability to be mentored and coached

Key Program Dates

  • November 9, 2020: Supply Chain AI West Applications Open
  • December 15, 2020: Applications Close
  • February 4, 2021: Program Begins
  • September 20, 2021: Program Ends
  • September 27, 2021: Graduation and Demo Day

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a discipline of computing science that allows a system to complete tasks we typically associate with cognitive functions – such as reasoning, strategizing and problem-solving – without requiring an explicit solution for every variation.

Why focus on machine learning?

Machine learning is a set of computational techniques that use data to create models that make predictions about future data. These models independently learn and continuously adapt to changing environments without being explicitly programmed for the data they encounter. Machine learning is a crucial component in many artificial intelligence systems.

Industry is particularly interested in adopting applied machine learning, and investing in advanced research in the field, because of the focus on using historical data to inform future opportunities for systems improvement, discoveries, and augmenting human-cognitive capacity.


As Canada’s AI supercluster, SCALE AI acts as an investment and innovation hub that accelerates the rapid adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and contributes to the development of a world-class Canadian AI ecosystem.

Based in Montréal, funded by the federal government and the Quebec government, SCALE AI has nearly 120 industry partners, research institutes and other players in the AI field. It develops programs aimed at supporting investment projects of companies that implement real-world applications in AI, the emergence of future Canadian flagships in the sector, as well as the development of a skilled workforce. For more information, visit

About Amii

One of Canada’s three centres of AI excellence as part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, Amii (the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) is an Alberta-based non-profit institute that supports world-leading research in artificial intelligence and machine learning and translates scientific advancement into industry adoption. Amii grows AI capacity through advancing leading-edge research, delivering exceptional educational offerings and providing business advice – all with the goal of building in-house AI capabilities. For more information, visit

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