The Tea Time Talks 2021: Week Three

The Tea Time Talks are back! Throughout the summer, take in 20-minute talks on early-stage ideas, prospective research and technical topics delivered by students, faculty and guests. Presented by Amii and the RLAI Lab at the University of Alberta, the talks are a relaxed and informal way of hearing leaders in AI discuss future lines of research they may explore.

Watch select talks from the third week of the series now:

Michael Przystupa: Analyzing Neural Jacobian Methods in Applications of Visual Servoing and Kinematic Control

Abstract: Designing adaptable control laws that can transfer between different robots is a challenge because of kinematic and dynamic differences, as well as in scenarios where external sensors are used. In this talk, Michael Przystupa explains his team’s work empirically investigating a neural network's ability to approximate the Jacobian matrix for an application in Cartesian control schemes. Specifically, they are interested in approximating the kinematic Jacobian, which arises from kinematic equations mapping a manipulator’s joint angles to the end-effector’s location.

Alex Lewandowski: Disentangling Generalization in Reinforcement Learning using Contextual Decision Processes

Abstract: The way in which generalization is measured in Reinforcement Learning (RL) relies on concepts from supervised learning. Unlike a supervised learning model however, an RL agent must generalize across states, observations and actions from limited reward-based feedback. In this talk, Alex Lewandowski describes how their team reformulated the problem of generalization in RL within a single environment by considering contextual decision processes with observations from a supervised learning dataset. The result is an MDP that, while simple, necessitates function approximation for state abstraction while providing precise ground-truth labels for optimal policies and value functions. They then characterize generalization in RL across different axes: state-space, observation-space and action-space. Using the MNIST dataset with a contextual decision process, they rigorously evaluate generalization of DQN and QR-DQN in observation and action space with both online and offline learning.

RLAI Panel 2

This talk features a panel of reinforcement learning (RL) researchers -- all Amii Fellows, Canada CIFAR AI Chairs and UAlberta professors. Michael Bowling moderates this panel featuring Rich Sutton, Martha White, Patrick Pilarski and Rupam Mahmood.

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