U of A Chancellor's Forum explores AI's impact on your life

The way that artificial intelligence is changing our lives now — and how it might transform the world in the future — was the topic of discussion at this spring's Chancellor's Forum at the University of Alberta.

"Tonight is an opportunity to learn more and to share perspectives about how AI impacts our lives, our communities and those we care about," Chancellor Peggy Garritty told the crowd at the CCIS North Lecture Theatre on May 11.

The Chancellor's Forum invites the public to the U of A campus to discuss important topics impacting society. This year's forum focused on the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, how the world will continue to change due to AI and how people can adapt.

The Chancellor's Forum was a partnership between the U of A's Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Amii and AI4Society. It was moderated by Ryan Jespersen, the host of Real Talk, and featured four experts on artificial intelligence:

  • Nicole Denier - Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta.
  • Hero Laird - student at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law.
  • J Ross Mitchell - Fellow at Amii, professor in the Department of Medicine, and the Senior Program Director of AI Adoption with Alberta Health Services.
  • Eleni Stroulia - Acting Vice Dean in the Faculty of Science and the Director of the AI4Society Signature Area.

The panellists discussed the current influence of artificial intelligence that many people are unaware of, including in industry, banking and the labour market. They also looked towards the future, noting some transformational shifts that the technology could offer in other parts of life, including healthcare.

"[AI] is a tool to revolutionize healthcare, probably on par with the development of washing hands and the stethoscope," Mitchell told the forum.

While confident about the benefits that AI could offer, the panellists also urged the need for ethical and responsible artificial intelligence and making sure that the advantages of AI are available to everyone in society.

Watch the full Chancellor's Forum on Artificial Intelligence.

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