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Accelerate your research with Amii

Are you an AI researcher or a researcher from a different domain using AI in your work?

Amii and the University of Alberta are actively recruiting new faculty members to join our expanding research program.

We're one of Canada's largest centres for fundamental AI research and home to world-renowned researchers on the vanguard of ML exploration.

These new positions will focus on interdisciplinary research, exploring how AI can push the boundaries of research into such fields as drug discovery, remote sensing and agriculture.

"For decades, our researchers have shaped the field of AI through leading-edge research and landmark discoveries. Through this expansion, we invite interdisciplinary researchers to join us at the forefront of human-centred AI innovation.”

Richard S. Sutton, Amii Fellow & Chief Scientific Advisor, Canada CIFAR AI Chair

Position Benefits

Collaborate with the brightest minds in AI

Access the ideas and expertise of other Amii Fellows to accelerate and push the boundaries of your research. Our Fellows are globally recognized for their work at the foundations and forefront of scientific discovery.

Embed into field-specific faculties

Faculty members will have access to CS department colleagues, as well as embed into the University of Alberta department or faculty related to their area of research, accessing resources and expert insights from both.

Professional acknowledgment & opportunity

Faculty members are put on the tenure track at the University of Alberta, become an Amii Fellow, and will be eligible for a Canada CIFAR AI Chair nomination.

Open Postings

"Connecting those experts from other faculties who are starting to apply AI and ML to their research with the deep AI expertise of Amii Fellows will be a catalyst for exponential impact across industries."

Rosa Ellithorpe, Director of Academic Relations at Amii

About Amii

The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) is a globally recognized hub for AI research, and one of Canada’s three centres of AI excellence as part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy.

Amii has accelerated AI and machine learning (ML) research for more than 20 years, contributing fundamental breakthroughs and landmark discoveries that have shaped and influenced modern technologies.

Amii is also one of the largest centres in the world for reinforcement learning (RL), a branch of ML that enables AI systems to learn through experience.

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Reach out to Rosa Ellithorpe (Director of Academic Relations at Amii) at


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