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Companies around the world struggle to adopt AI in meaningful ways. We understand the complex challenges you face as a business leader.

Harness the potential of AI

It’s no secret that AI holds opportunities to increase revenue, improve operations and solve complex problems.

Though there are many ways to integrate AI into your business, we know that building your internal AI capacity is the best strategy to see long-term and compounding return-on-investment.

Working with us ensures that you stay focused on making the best choices to advance along the AI adoption spectrum and de-risk each step along the way.

Our Approach

We’re focused on helping you build AI capacity in your business. You have unique needs, and we’re ready to find the best path forward for your team. Some of the approaches we take include:


  • ML Foundations

    Gain the insight you need to have informed conversations about data, resources, expertise, and risks related to AI; understand use cases; and identify the advantages and disadvantages of build, buy and partner models of AI adoption

  • AI Planning & Initiating

    Set priorities and next steps, identify near-term quick-win projects, as well as strategic opportunities for high-impact AI investments in the future.

  • Scoping Advisement

    Ensure your teams, systems and resources are prepared for a successful AI project - from data readiness to understanding risks, and establishing an executable project definition.

  • Machine Learning Lead

    Build your AI team in Alberta to take advantage of our deep well of talent and leading-edge expertise, regardless of your base of operations.

How we help

Successfully deploying AI in your business is a multifaceted journey.

  • Advice and Guidance

    Our collaborative teams of scientists, project managers and educators act as mentors and subject matter experts for your AI projects.

  • Talent Recruitment

    You need incredible people to put your AI strategy into action. We can source, recruit and onboard your team.

  • Corporate Training

    Digital transformation begins with learning. Our training can lay a solid AI foundation and explore advanced themes for both management and technical roles.

  • Advanced Research

    Make a significant contribution to the AI field through industry sponsored projects conducted by our Fellows and early-stage researchers.

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