Amii’s Virtual AI Meetup Recap – May 20, 2021

On May 20, 2021, participants gathered digitally to watch and participate at the AI Meetup. The event featured:

Sarah Davis – Co-President, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Student Society (AIMSS)

The Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Student Society (AIMSS) aims to inform and educate students on the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the medical field. Ranging from AI-controlled robotic surgery and intelligent prosthetics to health outcome prediction and precision medicine, this interdisciplinary effort seeks to foster a collaborative community between computing science, medicine, and more. Sarah Davis is an AIMSS Co-President and a University of Alberta Computing Science graduate student with a research background in patient-specific survival and hospital readmission prediction, bioinformatics, and natural language processing.

Varun Ranganathan –
University of Alberta MSc Student, supervised by Denilson Barbosa

Varun presented his novel algorithm called HOPLoP, which uses machine learning to derive new facts in a knowledge graph. HOPLoP is end-to-end differentiable and learns to traverse an embedded representation of the knowledge graph while learning to distinguish positive and negative facts. This approach can inspire a new research direction: can we (explicitly) model language and knowledge together?

Thanks to all who were able to join us! If you missed our May Meetup, watch it now:

Join us on June 17th for our next Virtual AI Meetup! Register here.

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