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Amii grows the AI capabilities of both individuals wanting to join future-focused careers and companies wanting to upskill their management and technical personnel for continued competitiveness.

Education Opportunities

We grow machine intelligence literacy in Alberta through educational opportunities that build, upskill and nurture machine intelligence talent:

— We upskill Albertans to be future-ready by giving them new knowledge and competencies in machine intelligence

— We nurture Alberta’s growing machine intelligence talent by helping knowledge and ideas flow throughout the community

— We help build the next generation of machine intelligence scientists

Training opportunities are available for companies at all stages of the AI Adoption Spectrum, and individual learners looking to move their AI/ML careers forward.

Corporate Learning

ML Primer
Understand the opportunities AI/ML has to move your business success forward

Amii’s Machine Learning Primer establishes a common understanding of AI/ML and the opportunities it holds to move business success forward. This facilitated session equips participants to have informed conversations about AI/ML, data, expertise, and strategy.

Participants leave with an introductory understanding of supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning – the widely used types of machine learning – and how they can be applied in a business setting.

Executive ML Primer
Understand the opportunities AI/ML has to move your business success forward

The Executive Machine Learning Primer establishes, through a C-Suite lens, a common understanding of AI/ML and the opportunities it holds to move business success forward. The full-day facilitated session equips executives to have informed conversations about data, expertise, and strategy as part of their digital innovation strategy.

Participants will leave with a common understanding of relevant vocabulary; the components leading to success, timelines, risks and failure rates of AI/ML projects; an awareness of AI/ML approaches and the next steps; and empowered to lead digital innovation strategy for their business. Topics covered include ML 101, Use Cases, Enablers and Common Limitations, Approaches and Next Steps.

Individual Learning

Machine Learning for Managers Certificate
Equip yourself to have informed conversations with technical teams about AI/ML

Machine Learning for Managers empowers non-technical managers, or those new to AI/ML, with the tools and resources required to confidently propose a business-focused ML project. Upon completion, managers are equipped to have informed conversations with their technical teams about AI/ML data, evaluation, and ethical issues in the context of business value and objectives.

Participants will leave the program with a better understanding of the business value of AI/ML; the components that must be in place to achieve that value; and the ability to anticipate and discuss business and technical issues that are a part of an AI/ML project. The certificate includes three courses, each composed of three-days of in-person delivery: An introduction to ML in Business; Machine Learning Basics; and a Capstone Project.

Machine Learning Technicians Certificate
Gain hands-on training in applied machine learning

In the Machine Learning Technician Certification program, you will acquire hands-on training in applied machine learning through 60 hours on classroom delivery and 100 hours of applied project/lab time. Building on your current skill set, we will train you to manage data for ML success, apply ML models while correctly analyzing progress, and integrate ML into a project of your choice. We will cover common points of failure in machine learning projects and how to identify potential opportunities.

Upon completing the certification, you will be able to recognize opportunities for applying machine learning, implement appropriate models, and accurately evaluate progress. You will experience all stages of a machine learning project: from objective definition and data preparation, through model selection and tuning, to model maintenance and growth. Through the examination of several case studies, you will learn a selection of machine learning techniques.

Online Learning Courses and Specializations
Set your individual learning schedule and learn from AI/ML experts and Amii Fellows

Amii offers two specializations in AI/ML on the Coursera platform. These massive open online courses are available on-demand for specific skill development. Upon completion of all of the courses in a given specialization, the participant will receive a Coursera specialization certificate signed by the professors of record. Both specializations are learner-led with 100% flexibility to set and maintain deadlines:

Machine Learning: Algorithms in the Real World
Reinforcement Learning Specialization

Online learning courses and specializations, offered in partnership with Coursera, are appropriate for companies and individual learners at the Exploring, Initiating and Implementing stages of the AI Adoption Spectrum.

Coursera recommends an intermediate level of understanding of concepts such as probabilities & expectations, basic linear algebra, basic calculus, Python 3.0 (at least 1 year), implementing algorithms from pseudocode.

Academic Learning

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta – one of the world’s top three research institutes for AI/ML – is home to more than 100 Amii-funded professors, research staff and graduate students.

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