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JUNO Talks: Bionic Limbs that Enable People to Play & Express Themselves through Music

March 11, 2023 - March 12, 2023
2-2:30 p.m. MST

Online & at Amii HQ (10065 Jasper Ave, 2nd Floor)

A special presentation from Amii as the first official AI sponsor of the JUNO Awards

Learn how Amii researchers are building smart prosthetic devices that empower people with limb differences to live the lives they want to live. This high-energy, kid-friendly talk will show as much as tell you the science behind how science is making music more accessible for people.

They say music is the universal language of humankind. Whether you’re a saxophone soloist during an improv set or a weekend drummer in your parents’ garage—there is an unbridled sense of freedom that comes with musical expression. It’s an experience that should be available to everyone who wants it. Including people who were born without or have lost limbs. And the team of Amii researchers at the BLINC Lab at the University of Alberta is working on technology to make that vision more accessible than ever before.

BLINC Lab is a unique collaboration of medical, rehabilitation, engineering and computing science researchers who believe devices should be able to learn about the person wearing it—and through reinforcement learning, the devices should adapt, change and improve as the person uses it during their daily life.

Hear from Patrick as he shares how the BLINC Lab team is improving the science and art of prosthetic restoration and rehabilitation robotics by building prosthetic devices that use reinforcement learning to extend human potential and transform people’s lives—expanding beyond what was physically possible and creating devices that enable people to play, create and express themselves through music in a meaningful way.

This free event is appropriate for all ages. A short Q&A will follow the presentation.

Attend in-person at Amii HQ in downtown Edmonton or click the bell on the livestream to be notified when the event begins.

Presented by:

Patrick Pilarski, Amii Fellow, Canada CIFAR AI Chair, Associate Professor – University of Alberta (Medicine); Adjunct Associate Professor – University of Alberta (Rehabilitation Medicine); Adjunct Associate Professor – University of Alberta (Computing Science); Canada Research Chair in Machine Intelligence for Rehabilitation – University of Alberta; Principal Investigator – Reinforcement Learning & Artificial Intelligence Lab (University of Alberta); Principal Investigator – BLINC Lab (University of Alberta); Principal Investigator – SMART Network (University of Alberta)


About the JUNO Awards

The JUNO Awards - Canada's Music Awards - land in Edmonton this March.

And Amii is making history as the first Official AI Partner of the 2023 JUNO Awards, presenting Rock Album of the Year and showcasing AI Capabilities in music production at the JUNO Opening Night Awards Presented by Music Canada.

This is one of three Amii-produced events showcasing AI in music leading up to the Awards.

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