Technical Learning

Dive into the foundations of applied machine learning (ML), decision trees, data cleaning, K-NN, regression and more.

Applied Learning

Learn techniques you can apply in game development, customer interaction, recommender systems, and across industries like health, finance, oil & gas and supply chain.

Modern businesses recognize the transformative power of AI but are also facing a severe shortage of skilled workers. The demand for AI and ML expertise is growing across all industries. Through the marriage of your domain expertise with technical ML skills, companies can gain competitive advantages.

We take a project-based and blended learning approach to training with lectures, programming labs and group work. Many of our technical training opportunities include capstone projects that conclude with feedback from a panel of experts and referrals for internships, apprenticeships and ML lead roles.

AI Adoption Spectrum

Gain technical skills and understanding at all stages of AI adoption.

  • Exploring


    Brainstorm ideas, learn foundational skills, understand use cases, and experience integrating and cleaning various data sources.

  • Initiating


    Learn data collection and cleaning, and how to prep data for ML.

    Prepare for a proof-of-concept project, including implementing a chosen algorithm, testing for performance, and troubleshooting and optimizing the model.

    Explore ethics, and gain insight into the translation of a business problem into an ML question.

  • Implementing


    Learn how to deploy an ML model, integrate it with legacy systems and establish an ML data pipeline.

    Gain a deep understanding of the particular issues around ML at this stage of industry adoption.

  • Operationalizing


    Watch for and troubleshoot unexpected effects from a deployed ML system.

    Gain experience with specific technical platforms and apply a broad range of ML models and techniques.

  • Advancing


    Learn how to translate academic research into applied commercial systems.

    Foster an ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary team to advance targeted research and business objectives.

  • Your Journey

    Your Journey

    The AI Adoption Spectrum is foundational to our work. Learn more about how we work, and the role we can play in your personal AI adoption journey.

ML Technician Certification Course

9-week on-demand, live online + project-based course

The demand for AI and machine learning (ML) expertise is growing across all industries -- and so is the demand for skilled workers. The ML Technician Certification Course gives individuals the skills they need to thrive as they pursue a career in AI or integrate ML into their current role. This is a fast and flexible way to develop your ML knowledge and skills.

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