Leadership Training

Dive into the field of AI and gain the knowledge you need to lead your organization’s AI adoption strategy. Improve your technical literacy, understand the risks and rewards of AI projects, and prepare to manage technical teams.

Applied Learning

Combine your executive experience with AI strategies to create business solutions across industries such as health, finance, oil & gas and supply chain.

Modern businesses recognize the transformative power of AI but are also facing a severe shortage of skilled workers. Often conversations around the AI talent shortage focus on technical skill-sets. Still, there are massive opportunities for those that can see the potential to deploy AI, make the business case and execute AI projects with interdisciplinary teams.

We take a project-based and blended learning approach to training with lectures, programming labs and group work.

AI Adoption Spectrum

Gain management skills and understanding at all stages of AI adoption.

  • Exploring


    Brainstorm ideas, learn foundational skills, understand use cases, and experience integrating and cleaning various data sources.

  • Initiating


    Gain confidence in knowing what AI can and can’t do. Learn how to translate a business problem into ML questions.

    Identify the advantages and disadvantages of build, buy and partner models of AI adoption.

  • Implementing


    Learn how to evaluate the business performance of the model in a proof of concept.

    Prepare for the change management process required for workflow integration.

    Understand ethical issues, relevant laws and regulations regarding data and ML.

  • Operationalizing


    Learn how to build and maintain the culture and processes required to support data as a critical driver of organizational goals.

    Identify social and ethical impacts to monitor as you deploy AI.

  • Advancing


    Understand your role in shaping public law and policy for societal good.

    Identify how technology interacts with the broader social environment.

    Prepare to partner with academics on industry-sponsored research.

  • Your Journey

    Your Journey

    The AI Adoption Spectrum is foundational to our work. Learn more about how we work, and the role we can play in your personal AI adoption journey.

ML Foundations 1

Gain a high-level overview of applied machine learning using real-world cases in this live online workshop. We will discuss the machine learning process, how to define a machine learning problem and social and ethical concerns around AI. This session is recommended for all stakeholders -- from users to management, as well as technical staff -- to ensure a common language and understanding of ML.

1080x1080 - ML Foundations 1.png

ML Foundations 2

Taking a more technical focus, this live online workshop will explore data considerations when undertaking ML problem definition, as well as understanding data needs, proxies and the Machine Learning Process Lifecycle.

1080x1080 - ML Foundations 2.png

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