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Your future AI career, accelerated

Even though technical AI professionals are some of the most in-demand talent in the world, we know how hard it can be to:

  • Build your professional network
  • Get practical advice on how to job seek
  • Make the transition from an academic setting to a high-paced industry role
  • Gain applied experience while you complete your studies
  • Try applied AI work before making a significant career decision
  • Re-enter the job market after a year or two at your first role

Over the past five years, we've worked with hundreds of early-career professionals as they complete their AI studies under an Amii Fellow or Canadian CIFAR AI Chair. We've taken all those experiences and used the resulting key learnings to create the Amii AI Career Accelerator.

On-Campus Engagement

Our Talent team works with various faculty, post-secondary student groups and organizations to develop and participate in programming that supports undergraduate and graduate students in finding success as they begin prototyping their careers.

For recent grads, we know you need soft-landing opportunities to build up your confidence and networks as you enter the workforce.

Engagement opportunities include:

  • In-class sessions
  • Student group panels and mixers
  • Career fairs and socials
  • Sponsorship of your student events

Interested in connecting with our team about activating Amii at your campus?

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The Pre-Accelerator is available to emerging technical talent at the undergraduate level, Amii affiliated students studying under a Fellow or Canadian CIFAR AI Chair, and our expanded network of participants in ML Tech, Kickstart and other partner programs.

Our pre-accelerator activities focus on providing you with access to:

  • Professional development sessions, both technical and business-focused
  • Networking with your peers and soon-to-be peers in industry
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • First-access to Amii job opportunities
Career Fair

Amii Talent Programming

Our Talent Programming focuses on three key areas:

  • Professional Development and Academic Success
  • Community Engagement
  • Networking with the AI Ecosystem

Highlights include onboarding & welcome events, coffee and pizza sessions, virtual professional development sessions, and monthly recruitment opportunity roundups.


Kickstart is a career development program for women and gender-diverse students (Undergraduate to Postdoctoral) and early-career professionals who recently completed their studies in STEM.

The program offers exposure to companies and examples of career trajectories in AI-related fields, increased technical knowledge, and understanding of applied machine learning, access to a diverse community of leaders in STEM-related organizations, and a network of like-minded peers.

Learn more and apply now.

AI4Good Lab

AI4Good Lab is for women from across Canada who want to leverage their creativity, leadership, and technical skills to generate AI solutions for some of the world's most pressing problems.

This full-time program runs from May to June and consists of a machine learning boot camp, hackathon, and self-directed team projects. Instructors and mentors include university researchers, graduate students, and practitioners from startups, corporations, inter-governmental organizations, and city governments.


Our Accelerator is available to emerging technical talent, both within academia and industry. These activities are geared towards those at graduate, PhD, post-doc and early-career levels.

These activities focus on providing you with access to:

  • Career-bridging engagements
  • Resume-worthy credentials
  • Advanced training and education opportunities
Training - Student - Student Typing

Work Integrated Learning Opportunities

For Accelerator participants studying in a graduate program in CS at UAlberta or under the mentorship of an Amii designated Canadian CIFAR AI Chair, there are opportunities for work-integrated learning across all of Amii's product streams - from Advanced Technology to Startups.

Gain work experience in structured engagements that include exposure to client challenges and how ML is applied in the real world. Work Integrated Learning Opportunities are short-term paid engagements (fewer than 20 hours per week) and count as credit towards Amii's AI Career Accelerator Certificates.


Coming soon. Demonstrate your readiness to work in applied AI or as future faculty in an academic setting by completing work towards our AI Career Accelerator Certifications. Amii non-academic certificates set you apart from other candidates in a competitive job market by connecting your experiences at Amii to clearly defined learning outcomes desired by today's top employers.

Internships and Residencies

Our most competitive and in-demand opportunities, ML Internships and Residencies, are full-time placements with companies working at the cutting edge of AI adoption. You will receive additional professional development, work alongside a peer circle of ML scientists and researchers, and have access to Amii's dynamic employee engagement opportunities.

  • 4 - 11 month ML Internships working on industry or research project
  • 12 - 18 month ML Residencies working on a collaborative R&D team advancing industrial challenges

*Note: ML Internships and Residencies opportunities are open competition roles. Participation in any portion of the AI Career Accelerator does not guarantee placement.

See all current openings on our Career Opportunities page.

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