Since 2002 we’ve been continually building a team of world-renowned researchers, giving Alberta companies first access to the brightest minds and the latest advancements. Our primary researchers lead the world in a diversity of subfields of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and our expert advisors forge transformative collaborations with Alberta-based businesses.

John Shillington

President & CEO

John is a technology leader with deep experience in helping companies adopt new technologies to improve their competitive edge and accelerate growth. Much of John’s career has been focused on helping organizations cross the chasm between academic research and applications of that research in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Throughout his education and career, John has had an abiding interest in Artificial Intelligence. Prior to joining Amii, John was Vice President, Technology at Cybera, a not-for-profit, technical agency helping Alberta to advance its IT frontiers. He has also held senior executive and technical management positions at several international technology firms and started up a University of Alberta-based spin-off company. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Alberta.

Michael Bowling

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Michael is fascinated by the problem of how computers can learn to play games through experience. He uses a variety of games, from poker to curling to Atari 2600, as a test-bed for new ideas and technologies, seeking to understand and predict how multiple actors learn and act in order to achieve their goals in an ambiguous or changing environment. Michael’s work can enhance understanding of competitive & cooperative environments in order to predict outcomes or optimize processes. Areas of expertise: algorithmic game theory & opponent modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, robotics.

Alona Fyshe

Amii Fellow, Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

Alona is cross-appointed between the Departments of Computing Science and Psychology at the University of Alberta. She applies her expertise in machine learning to brain imaging data, with the purpose of understanding how humans create meaning and use that meaning to make inferences about the world around them. Areas of expertise: artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, psychology.

Randy Goebel

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Randy is interested in the logic of machine learning. He employs non-deductive reasoning techniques, which use specific examples to discover general principles, to build theoretical models that accurately describe and predict the world. For Randy, understanding and explaining a computational process is as important as the process itself. Randy’s research can be applied for performance improvement, data visualization and information extraction. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, artificial intelligence, data mining & analysis, information extraction & visualization, machine learning, natural language processing.

Russ Greiner

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Russ builds algorithms that use historical data in order to predict outcomes and better perform tasks. His research focuses on applications of machine learning in medicine (with translatability to other domains), providing solutions for specific real-world problems as well as producing more robust and effective machine learning systems. Russ’ work can allow computers to use large amounts of historical data to classify new data, to predict outcomes and to improve accuracy and reliability in existing software systems. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, artificial intelligence, bio-/medical informatics, information extraction & visualization, medical imaging, machine learning.

Robert Holte

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Robert enhances methodologies in single-agent heuristic search & planning, applying search to games and idealized versions of real-world problems. He is a leading expert on bidirectional search, which can perform faster than the standard, unidirectional search. Using heuristic functions and other techniques, Robert’s algorithms reduce the amount of search required to solve a given problem. Robert works to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in search as well as the ability of a system to automatically create its heuristic functions. Areas of expertise: algorithmic game theory & opponent modeling, artificial intelligence, algorithms & theory, machine learning.

Patrick M. Pilarski

Amii Fellow, Adjunct Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

Patrick leads Amii’s Adaptive Prosthetics Program, an interdisciplinary initiative that develops intelligent artificial limbs. He strives to enhance human-machine interaction and the ability of a machine to make decisions in its environment, working mainly in healthcare and exploring techniques to manage and interpret large streams of real-time data. Patrick produces adaptive rehabilitation technologies, designs new procedures for biomedical pattern analysis and develops intelligent systems and interfaces. Areas of expertise: artificial intelligence, bio-/medical informatics, human-machine interaction, machine learning, rehabilitation medicine, reinforcement learning, robotics.

Dale Schuurmans

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Dale is interested in developing systems that learn predictive models from massive sources of data, especially when the required models are complex (as in perception or language). He works on challenges involving the representation of knowledge for learning and the navigation of complex model spaces. Dale’s research can be applied in the areas of machine perception, language interpretation, information extraction and robot learning. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, artificial intelligence, bio-medical informatics, data mining & analysis, deep learning, information extraction & visualization, natural language processing, machine learning, reinforcement learning.

Or Sheffet

Amii Fellow, Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

Or’s work sits at the intersection between machine learning and theory, spanning fields such as algorithms, clustering, algorithmic game theory – and recently – differential privacy, a mathematically rigorous notion of preserving privacy in data analysis. His methods deal with the precise quantification of the inherent trade-offs made between privacy and utility. Using carefully calibrated random noise, Or’s research can be used to preserve a high-level of individual privacy while providing accurate population-level statistics, estimators and predictions. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, machine learning, privacy.

Richard S. Sutton

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Richard Sutton is world-renown as one of the pioneers of reinforcement learning, an area of machine learning inspired by behavioural psychology and focused on making predictions not through historical data or explicit examples but through experience and reward. His work focuses on augmenting our understanding of what it means to be intelligent through computational models of learning. He seeks to identify the general computing principles that underlie intelligence and goal-directed behaviour in order to improve the performance and reliability of learning systems. Richard explores ways of representing human knowledge in terms of experience, seeking to reduce the dependence on manually-encoded knowledge. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, robotics.

Csaba Szepesvári

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

In working to make the most efficient use of data, Csaba develops smarter, more effective learning algorithms. He is particularly interested in enabling machines to make autonomous decisions in sequence while continuously interacting with, and learning from, their environments. Csaba’s research produces improvements to fundamental algorithms, which can be applied to a variety of computer systems to meet a number of challenges. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning.

Martha White

Amii Fellow, Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

Martha’s primary research goal is to develop techniques for adaptive autonomous systems that learn on streams of data with an applied focus on computational sustainability. She focuses on reinforcement learning and representation learning to achieve this goal. In particular, Martha cares about efficient, practical algorithms that enable learning from large amounts of data. Areas of expertise: algorithms & theory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning.

James Wright

Amii Fellow, Assistant Professor at University of Alberta

James’ research centres around constructing data-driven models to improve the effectiveness of real systems by accurately predicting human decision making. Areas of expertise: artificial intelligence, game theory, deep learning, machine learning, reinforcement learning.

Yutaka Yasui

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Yutaka works on applications of machine learning in biology and biomedicine in order to enhance methodologies in the field of health. For Yutaka, machine learning is a useful tool for biostatistical analysis, giving researchers the ability to detect patterns and associations and to predict outcomes. His research seeks to develop and apply biostatistical and epidemiological methods at the intersection of biology/genetics and clinical sciences. Areas of expertise: bio-/medical informatics, data mining & analysis, epidemiology, genetics, machine learning, pediatric oncology.

Osmar Zaïane

Amii Fellow, Professor at University of Alberta

Osmar focuses on pattern discovery and information extraction from large databases, also known as data mining. Through the application of machine learning and methods of knowledge discovery, he devises ways to personalize applications, automate processes and improve upon current data science practices. Osmar’s research can be applied to various data-driven applications from relational analyses in networked data to outlier detection and data visualization. Areas of expertise: artificial intelligence, bio-/medical informatics, data mining & analysis, information extraction & visualization, machine learning, social network analysis.

Angel Xuan Chang

Canada CIFAR AI Chair at Amii, Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University

Angel develops ways of using language to help computers understand and interact with our everyday world. Her work – at the intersection of natural language understanding, computer graphics and AI – explores the representation and acquisition of common sense knowledge and how the semantics of shapes and scenes can be used to connect language to visual and 3D representations of the world.

Kevin Leyton-Brown

Canada CIFAR AI Chair at Amii, Professor at University of British Columbia

Kevin’s research stands at the intersection of computer science and microeconomics. Favouring collaboration, Kevin conducts research in two distinct areas: the design and analysis of markets (“algorithmic game theory”) and the automated construction of algorithms. His current research focuses on using machine learning to customize algorithms for different practical settings.

Mark Schmidt

Canada CIFAR AI Chair at Amii, Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia

Mark explores the challenges that come with learning complicated models from large datasets. His work is mainly focused on mathematical explainability and on accelerating and verifying fundamental machine learning algorithms.

Board of

Bruce Johnson, Chair

Executive Chairman - SAM (Social Asset Management)

Bruce is the co-founder of the personal income tax software company WinTax (later Intuit Canada). He provides support and mentorship to many companies in the Edmonton tech startup community with his expertise and insight.


Warren Bergen

President - AVAC Ltd.

Warren is passionate about entrepreneurship, having participated in a number of early-stage ventures and raised growth capital from a variety of sources. He is also the author of Swagger & Sweat: A Start-up Capital Boot Camp.


Cam Linke

Partner/Co-founder - Flightpath Ventures

Cam has management and investment experience in a number of tech-based companies, including serving as CEO of Touch Metric, an in-person survey software company and co-founder of Startup Edmonton. He is committed to growing Edmonton’s emerging creative and tech economy.


Laura Kilcrease

CEO - Alberta Innovates

Laura has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in commercializing technology, and a deep understanding of how to identify and build new business opportunities. Prior to her role at Alberta Innovates, Laura had founding roles at Austin-based venture capital fund, Triton Ventures, LLC, and the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), one of the United States’ first technology business incubators.


Marlene McNaughton

Senior Vice President, Client Services & Business Development - HeadCount Corporation

Marlene is an award-winning marketer who brings over 30 years of experience in brand management and marketing in retail, business-to-business and the corporate world. Her previous experience includes senior roles in public affairs, as well as international marketing and technology commercialization for a major multimedia/software company.


Patrick Pilarski

Fellow – Amii

Patrick is an Associate Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of Medicine. In addition to his roles as Principal Researcher at Amii and the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence (RLAI) Laboratory, Patrick conducts research with the BLINC Lab (Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control), which specializes in advanced prosthetic systems.

UAlberta Site

Kirk Rockwell

General Manager, Basic Research - Alberta Innovates

At Alberta Innovates, Kirk works to transform the way research and commercial development happen in Alberta. Prior to his experience in supporting research and innovation initiatives in Alberta, he has worked in the private sector in a technical and management capacity, managed his own business and worked with many types of stakeholders in government, academia, industry and the general public.


Matthias Ruth

VP Research - University of Alberta

Dr. Matthias Ruth leads the University's large and complex research and innovation portfolio. He and his team support and advance UAlberta's research ecosystem, working across the University's portfolios and faculties, and with external partners and stakeholders.


Jonathan Schaeffer

Professor, Department of Computing Science - University of Alberta

A professor of computing science and founding member of Amii (then AICML), Jonathan is best known for his work in artificial intelligence and games. Notably, Jonathan created the Checkers program Chinook, the first ever program to win a human world championship game.


Gerri Sinclair

Managing Director - Kensington Capital

Dr. Gerri Sinclair bings over 25 years of cross-domain experience to Amii, largely in the fields of Internet, mobile and digital media technologies, entrepreneurial business, and government policy. Among her many notable achievements, she was the founder and CEO of NCompass Labs, the Internet digital content management company acquired by Microsoft in 2001.